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Herbert "Junior" Frentzel: President D & F Contracting

Herbert "Junior" Frentzel

D & F Contracting


Click below to see a D & F Bristol Hill Floor Plan

The Brooke~The Camden~The Emily
The Franklin~The Harrison~The Jenny
The Ledgestone~The Madison~The Quinton
The Regence~ The Wilshire~The Winchester

Bristol Hill, Swansea, Illinois, logo

Located in Swansea, Illinois, Bristol Hill is 15 minutes from Scott AFB and 15 minutes from the St. Louis Arch. Bristol Hill is part of the highly regarded O'Fallon, Illinois, high school distirict.

D & F Contracting offers a choice of 12 customizable floor plans to customers building at Bristol Hill. A full basement with roughed-in plumbing is included in the base price of each plan.

Military personnel building a home with D & F Contracting receive a $2,000 credit.

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The Custom Home You Want to Build

A Home Builder You Can Trust

Since he started up D & F Contracting in 1996, Herbert "Junior" Frentzel has taken a simple approach. He shows his customers how to plan an affordable, high-quality custom home that they will enjoy living in. Then he keeps the customer involved as D & F builds it.

If you're interested in building at Bristol Hill, my first advice would be to review D & F Contracting homes' standard features and options for further customization. Then check out the floor plans D & F Contracting is making available at Bristol Hill (you can see any of them by clicking on the list over to the right). Then go look at homes Mr. Frentzel has built. I would be happy to go along.

You can also talk to customers who have built their homes with D & F Contracting. I can arrange this too.

But, above all, you should contact Junior.  Mr. Frentzel will be happy to talk to you about the home you want to build.

I think you will be impressed.

Mark Rheinecker
CR Holland Real Estate

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